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You have the power to attract success today.

Create your own life.


I gather as much information from you about what’s going on in your life, what’s getting you motivated, and what’s holding you back.


Using a variety of processes, including EFT (tapping), I will help you release limiting beliefs and patterns, and move forward to create the life you desire.


As your coach I help you stay focused, motivated and excited about the life you now have and the new experiences you are attracting.

Are you ready to take control of your success and your happiness?

“Shaina was wonderfully insightful, intuitive and perceptive during our sessions and was able to help me really move through some challenges I was having at the time. She was not only a great coach, but also a great teacher and really taught me some wonderful tools that I could use on my own to keep my energy and positive emotions going between our sessions. I would highly recommend her as a coach and teacher to anyone looking to move forward in their lives and really manifest what they are wanting to create in their lives. She was loving, heart-centered and an energetic and powerful coach and teacher.”

Dawn Allen

“The coaching I received from Shaina was literally life-changing. I didn’t know anything about EFT and really couldn’t understand how the technique could work… but somehow Shaina was able to lead me to the core of what I was feeling and as we continued it almost felt like a boulder was moved away, or something just released… perhaps the most important thing is that Shaina taught me tools to use so that I could literally create a new life for myself. It just changed the way I go through life. Shaina is a great coach and I am very lucky to have had this experience with her. (Thank you Shaina!!)”

– Marilyn G., Islip, New York

“This was the best money I ever spent! Shaina is a wonderful coach. She has been so warm and genuinely caring in each of our sessions. I found her online in a time of great need and she helped me to help myself – She helped me to further my EFT practice and gave me tons of ideas to practice/work on. I am so happy to say that my struggles that I brought to the sessions are well on their way to resolving themselves and I feel like I can take on anything!…AND I still have 2 sessions left!! 🙂 Thank you Shaina. I look forward to more ‘circles’ and workshops with you as a teacher but I will forever consider you a friend.”

– Maryann E. Sucich-Massari MA CCC-SLP/LMT
Purple Table SLP/LMT PLLC

Shaina Blumah


Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Shaina Blumah has been studying and teaching the power of positive thinking as well as several healing modalities for about 20 years. She is currently immersed in the practice and sharing of the Law of Attraction principles, running workshops and doing group and one-on-one coaching.

She has received her coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Shaina is also certified in Reiki Healing Level II, Magnified Healing and is a former yoga teacher.

Shaina studies and practices EFT (tapping) and often will use that in your coaching sessions along with Law of Attraction processes. EFT helps to release trauma, limiting beliefs, and patterns of thinking and behavior that prevent you from seeing your desires show up in your life.

“I have transformed my own life using these tools and principles and it is my absolute joy to share them with you and help you achieve the same or even more spectacular results. You deserve to be happy, prosperous and empowered!”

Reiki Certification - Shaina Blumah Success Coach

Certified Reiki Healer

Reiki is a beautiful healing technique where divine energy is passed through me to you. I may place my hands on or above you while you are receiving Reiki. The energy flows to where it is needed and can have a healing effect on physical and emotional blocks.

The most common description that I get from my clients is a great calming effect from the Reiki treatment. This promotes future healing, as a relaxed mind and body are able to heal more easily.


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Are you ready to take control of your success and your happiness?


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